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Weston White, Michael Anderson, Angie Shockley, Marci Jones, Kelly Gooding, Keith Bishop, Mark Shockley, and Jake the Happy Dog.

Mark Shockley, MSW, LGSW

Director of Cabin Mountain Living Center.

Mark began working for Q&A Associates as a Mentor with Applewood Transitions while completing his MSW at West Virginia University. Mark never intended to work with the young adult population in general, and certainly not with the clients who live at Cabin Mountain. His goal was to work with addicts and specifically, pregnant women struggling with addiction. Mark is in recovery himself, which affords him a unique view of those living with addiction. However, when his MSW program was complete in 2014, he was offered the position of Director at Cabin Mountain, and he accepted. “While I didn’t plan to work with this population, I feel very fortunate to do so,” he said. Mark has worked in every position within the structure of Cabin Mountain and has been a part of the team, along with his wife, Merisa, that developed the program structure, model and the leadership of Q&A Associates. “The program model for this population is ever changing as we respond to the specific needs of our clientele,” continued Shockley.

Mark talks about the rewards of working with the Cabin Mountain clientele, “Helping each client maximize his or her level of safe independence is just awesome!” Anytime a client comes to share a success, it reminds Shockley that he is a part of their family and they want him to be proud of them. “Seeing a client achieve independence, living on his or her own and self-managing is the best reward of all!”

Kelly Gooding

Assistant Director, Cabin Mountain Living Center

Kelly was born and raised in West Virginia. She started with us as an intern and is now the assistant director of cabin mountain living. Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a degree in Culinary Arts. She also holds a life coaching certificate from American Association of Christian Counselors and is certified to teach Strategies for living.

Kelly is devoted to helping young adults grow, prosper, and help them reach highest level of independence in their daily lives. Kelly teaches numerous courses at Cabin Mountain such as baking, budgeting, life skills, and she also coordinates all the activities the residents engage in on a day to day basis. These skills are translated into daily living and help clients reach new degrees of autonomy.

Kelly has a wide degree of skills and interests that she shares with the residents of Cabin Mountain. These include: hiking, fishing, swimming, crafting, sports, baking, horseback riding as well as many other things. These activities provide stimulation for the residents and teaches clients effective coping skills in the face of stressful events.