Young Adult Long Term Living Program
Located in Canaan Valley, WV, Cabin Mountain Living was established to provide opportunities for young men and women to achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency based on their individual capabilities.  The living environment is a safe and structured community setting where our clients receive support and guidance from mentors, life coaches and other staff members on a daily basis.  Living areas are shared between two clients with each having a private bedroom.  There are separate living quarters for males and females.  

Residents receive Life Skills Instruction which includes Job Training, Household Management, Health and Nutrition, Social Skills.  They also participate in community service and events.  Each client has an individual plan and receives training and support based on his or her unique needs.   

Call 304-642-9070 for information 

Cabin Mountain Living
437 William Ave, PO box 657
Davis, WV 26260

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