WHERE YOUNG young men and women with Autism & other neurodevelopmental disorders

Achieve Greater Self-Sufficiency

Cabin Mountain Living Center was established to provide opportunities for young men and women with Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders to achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency possible, based on their individual capabilities.


The living environment is a safe and structured community setting where clients receive support from mentors, life coaches and other staff members on a daily basis. Living areas are shared between two – four clients with each having a private bedroom. There are separate living quarters for males and females.

Clients receive Life Skills Instruction, which includes Job Training, Household Management, Health and Nutrition, Budgeting, Managing Leisure Time, and Social Skills. Each client completes a life skills assessment upon arrival and then develops an individual growth plan.  Training and support are provided based on his or her unique needs. Clients attend weekly Life Skills sessions, working directly with a life coach, to complete modules of instruction as outlined by their plans. The clients then practice implementing the Life Skills in their daily lives. Clients participate in community service projects and community sponsored events.

Cabin Mountain Living Center is located in the heart of Canaan Valley, WV, between the Canaan Valley Ski Resort and Timberline Four Seasons Resort.  Clients live in two story condominiums, with five units in the building.  Clients inhabit most of the units, while a staff lives in one and the executive offices for Q&A Associates reside in another.  This allows for lots of staff interaction with the clients of Cabin Mountain Living Center, in addition to the staff assigned to those clients.

Mark Shockley, MSW, Program Development and Social Services Director, oversees the operation of Cabin Mountain Living Center.  Mark works directly with the clients on a daily basis and also interfaces with the Life Coaches and Mentors to ensure seamless transitions throughout the week.