Job Opportunities

The clients of Cabin Mountain Living Center have the opportunity to work in several company owned business in Harman, Davis and Canaan Valley.

Mountain Market

Mountain Market, in Davis is located in the center of our busy town, right next to the post office.  Mountain Market was created with the intention of providing an outlet for the Clients of Cabin Mountain to sell products and goods that they make.  100% of the money they earn goes right to them.  They have made candle tarts, hand made jewelry, candles, bird houses, tie dyed shirts, nesting boxes, plaques, benches, tables, and outdoor flower planters. Most of our clients have a difficult time working in a traditional job, working 9-5.  Mountain Market allows them the opportunity to work on projects they like to do and sell them to the store.

Deerfield Mini-Golf

Deerfield Mini-Golf is located next to Deerfield Condominium Resort, which is a family vacation destination. The Mini-Golf is operated during the spring, summer and fall. The clients of Cabin Mountain are responsible for the overall operation of the Mini-Golf course, including customer service and interaction, course maintenance, cash register operation, and marketing. There is staff oversight as a resource for the clients to provide a level of safety and instruction for those teachable moments that arise.

The Breakfast Nook

Located in Canaan Valley, many of our young adults work at the Breakfast Nook.  Serving great breakfast with our pork products and eggs right off the farm, we are a true farm to table restaurant.  With flexible scheduling and only opening from 7Am-11AM, some of our Cabin Mountain Clients can work a day or two at the breakfast nook.  They learn all types of skills needed for working in the restaurant, guided by Matt Shockley, the Executive Chef, they also establish connection in the community and meeting people.

Venus Pies

Hand tossed pizza for delivery or carry out, Venus Pies serves local and tourist traffic to Canaan Valley 6 days a week.  Serving the best homemade pizza sauce, the Venus Pizza shop is a popular restaurant in the area.  Clients can work in the shop making pizzas and helping prepare the fresh ingredients that go on the pizzas.